School of Information and Engineering

 The School of Information and Engineering consists of Department of Photoelectric Information, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Information, Department of Electronic Information and Department of Computer Information and Technology. At present, there are 6 research center (categorized at: center for Photoelectric Information, Mechanical Manufacturing center, Automation Engineering center, Electronics and Communication Engineering center, center for Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering center.) and 4 engineering laboratories. Currently, the school has 14 professors, 67 associate professors, 68 lecturers and 3150 students.
The school was rated highly in the undergraduate course specialty evaluation in 2015. 13 subjects are offered degrees:Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments, Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering, Mechanical Designing and Manufacturing Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Polymer Material and Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Automation Engineering, Electrical Engineering And Automation, Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering. The Software Engineering major is granted the first-class subject by Ministry of Education.
Based on the philosophy of serving the region, facing the nation, embracing the world, The School of Information and Engineering is devoted to training students according to higher standards, building all the disciplines into what can be implemented nationally and internationally. It aims to equip its students with a good command of the creativity, a broad range of knowledge, leadership, international vision and the abilities to learn, think critically, and cooperate.
The School promotes the new engineers training plan and innovates the teaching and assessment to meet the need of undergraduate students. Established partnerships with enterprises, universities and local government. In year of 2012, Android talent training demonstration base was awarded by Google, Android certification course is authorized accordingly. The college cooperates with enterprises all over the country, and has established a number of practical training bases, which provides students with professional experiments, practical training and graduation project. 
With the help of teachers from for departments, students have participated in many important competitions and made marked achievements: China College Students' "Internet+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition; The Contest of LAN QIAO Cup; National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition; National 3D Innovative Design Competition; Shaanxi Provincial Network Space Security Technology Competition; Shaanxi University students' Digital and Analog Hybrid Electronic Design Competition. For the past 3 years, 178 prizes were awarded in professional disciplines competition, including 39 national awards and 128 provincial awards.  
In recent years, the graduation rate has exceeded 99%, among them more than 97% are conferred degree certificate, the employment rate has reached 95%. In the past three years 173 students were admitted to graduate schools.The strong practical ability of students has been deeply affirmed by employers, which made a 98% satisfaction of employment.